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The Tweed Collection: Pretty Green

The Tweed Collection: Pretty Green

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This is a custom designed tweed piece , pieces sold separately. Top with fringe available with or without logo. Tweed Skirt with buttons to match top. Please use size chart and your highest or widest point is the size you should purchase. Example wast 36, hips 44 go with size Medium or Large, you would need size to fit hip. This fabric is tweed and has no give, so go up if you feel as if you need room. 

Top and skirt contain hidden zipper, skirt is slightly below knee for height 5'4 or less and at knee for height 5'5 and above.

Model with logo wearing 2xl left chest. Model no log wearing L. 

 Skirt Length (row 1Skirt- width (row 2) Skirt Hip (row 3) - measurements inches, and half garment so hip of 22= 44 (x2): Fabric has sequin beads throughout

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